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About Counseling & Resources


How do I get EAP sessions set up?

To set up counseling sessions, call 1-888-808-1867. They will ask you a few questions, including demographic information, the reason you are seeking counseling, and which counselor you want to see. If you request to see Nikki, you can just provide her name. It typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Once you receive approval, a confirmation number will be provided to you and the counselor of your choice.

Are all counseling sessions confidential?

Counseling sessions with a licensed counselor/therapist afford you privileged information, which is a form of confidentiality that supersedes and is stricter than HIPAA and general medical information. It can be necessary to break confidentiality if there is a credible threat of suicide, homicide, child abuse, elder abuse, or if the client signs consent to release of information.

Will Nikki provide a report to SFD admin?

No. She does not report any confidential information to the Springdale Fire Department. Upon a Client's request, Nikki can write a letter including attendance dates, but does not make any fit-for-duty recommendations. She can complete FMLA documentation for clients, however, only at their request.

Do I have to use EAP?

No. EAP provides a list of counselors that you and your family can utilize at no charge. You are allowed seven sessions within a 3 month period, however, that time may be extended. It is possible to receive more sessions if additional problems arise. You can choose any counselor. If you do not use EAP to select your counselor, you will have to pay for the sessions out-of-pocket until your deductible is met.

What kind of things does counseling help?

It can help with post-traumatic symptoms, depression, anxiety, anger issues, relational problems, stress, life changes, addictions, goal setting, grief, diagnosable disorders, and other things. Counseling can also be proactive in nature to help people reach their potential. If one seeks out Nikki for services, and she feels they would be better served by a different counselor, she can make referrals.

How do I contact Nikki Penn or her office?

If you want to talk to her office staff, you can call 870-793-0071 during business hours. The staff can answer questions regarding EAP, billing, scheduling, and training. If you need to speak directly with Nikki, email her at She will respond as soon as possible.

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