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Developing Culturally Competent Counselors in the World of First Responders
August 26-27, 2024

First responders pose unique challenges in the counseling office. However, working with this population can be extremely rewarding as the counselor helps those who help others. Learn how to relate, communicate, identify issues, and treat effectively when working with first responders. Develop an understanding of the cultural differences, learn how to work through them, and experience a feeling of success as you see your first responder clients grow, change, and heal.

Learning Objectives


1. Understand the significance of developing an awareness of the cultural difference.

2. Understand the similarities and differences between the culture of the counselor and that of the first responder.

3. Apply knowledge regarding the differences between the types of first responders.

4. Assess one’s own readiness in working with this specialized population.

5. Identify the common presenting problems of first responders and their families.

6. Develop strategies to treat first responders and their families.

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