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Springdale Fire Department

Springdale Fire Department and I (Nikki Penn) are partnering together in an effort to give each Springdale firefighter the opportunity to achieve and maintain physical and mental wellness.  

It is my belief that the stressors inherent with your job can be managed in such a way as to decrease burnout, sickness, constant anxiety and the lackluster for life that can develop.  

Over the next year, we will be offering classes, counseling sessions, information through email blasts, and opportunities for your spouses and significant others to be involved.

If you see an area of mental wellness that is not being covered, please feel free to reach out to me.  I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. 

Things You Should Know About
Many of you got to try a Cave City Watermelon this past weekend!  I hope the sweetness substantiated their reputation.  Thank you to each of the shifts/departments who invited me in for a visit.  A special thanks to Station 5, C-Shift for a great breakfast and new recipe.  

We have several couples signed up for the couples' conference.  If you are interested in signing up, there are limited spaces still available.  Friday, September 3rd. For more information or to register, click here.

Firefighter spouses and significant others have a Facebook page to get information, events, and updates.  Sign up here.  

Counseling sessions can be set up by emailing

Tentative Schedule
August 12th-14th:   Counseling Sessions available
August 12th-14th:  Stress Reduction Groups, specific dates and times TBD.  If your shift/station is interested in me coming to your station for the stress reduction practice, email me.
September 3rd:  Couples Conference
September 15th-16th: Mental Fitness Check-Ups
Additional days will be added as needed.


Station Visits


Spouses' Night Out


Firefighter Stair Climb at Arkansas State Convention

Class: Taking Care of Our Own: Cumulative & Traumatic Stress

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