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Having been an LAC and LAMFT at one point in my life, I understand the need for quality supervision.  I was blessed enough to have both great supervisors and lower quality supervisors throughout my experience.  At the time, the lower quality supervisors didn’t seem like such a blessing; however, now being a supervisor, I have a clear idea of what I want to offer to my supervisees.  I desire to build an environment of mutual respect, embracing

the power of the supervisee’s voice so that we can build greater trust, relationship, and

thus the capacity for productive change in the supervisor, supervisee, and the client.  As

the supervisor, I hope to be able to acknowledge differences, respectfully ask questions,

and fully and empathetically listen to the answers of a supervisee, allowing the

supervisee to feel the freedom to explore issues with me and also in the therapeutic

relationship when similar issues arise with clients. 


In order to best meet the needs of supervisees, both group and individual supervision will

be utilized.  Technology assisted supervision is also an option if the supervisees desire it.   

My hope is to make supervision a positive experience that the supervisee will feel was a

quality learning experience that added value to his/her professional growth and growth

as a person. 

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