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Meet the Team

At Nikki Penn Counseling & Consulting, PLLC, we focus on offering specialized support to individuals and emergency responders. Our practice recognizes the distinct challenges that these individuals encounter and is committed to delivering compassionate and effective assistance designed specifically for their requirements. We are pleased to announce the expansion of our services with five locations across Arkansas, and we also provide massage therapy sessions.

Our Locations

Batesville Office
1275 E. College Street

P: 870.793.0071                        F: 888.683.9687

Little Rock Office
425 W. Broadway, Ste. 425C
North Little Rock


NWA Office

2890 W Walnut St.


image coming soon.png

MEMS Office

1121 W 7th St.

Little Rock

mems office.jpg

Springdale Office

2398 Turnbow Ave.


sfd training facility.jpg
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