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Call Center Headset

had a bad call?

What to Expect

Firefighters are resilient people, but they still respond to a few bad calls. A bad call varies by situation. Some triggers are personal and difficult to explain. Learn more about what you can expect to happen after a bad call.

to Help Myself

1. Use your peer support whether it be formal or informal.

2. Spend time with a dog, horse, or other animal that can develop attachments to you.

3. Find things that your brain will enjoy. Ideas include certain smells, foods, music, people,
colors, memories, tv shows, walks in nature, hobbies, playing ball, working out, flowers etc.

4. Containment exercise. This won’t work long term, but can help you throughout moments in
your day. Close your eyes or focus on something in the room and imagine putting the incident
into a safe. Imagine what the safe looks like, how big it is, what color. It can be anything you
want it to be, just make sure it is big enough, strong enough, and private enough to hold your
items. Shut and lock the door and see yourself walking away.

5. Choose 12-14 positive memories. Each week select one of the memories to use as your

“go to”. If something negative comes up or you are triggered, contain the bad memory and
choose to focus on the positive one.

6. Clean or straighten for 5 or more minutes.

7. Watch a funny video on YouTube.

8. Do a grounding exercise.
     a. Wiggle my toes and feel them as I draw them into my body and then release.
     b. Take 3-5 breaths and notice where I feel them. Can I feel the air entering my body?

     Can I feel my belly move?
     c. Touch, feel, and internally describe 3-5 things around me.

9. Exercise 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes.

10. Give yourself permission to feel what you are feeling. Name the feelings and notice where
you feel them at in your body.

11.Take care of yourself physically. Get enough rest and eat regularly.

12.Maintain as normal of a schedule as possible.

13. Allow time for tasks. Your brain and body may not work as efficiently for a while.

14.Escape for a while. A change of scenery, exposure to nature, etc. can provide some temporary relief of tension.

15. Know it’s ok to not be ok. Acknowledge it and get help. Try a trauma-based therapy to make a significant and long-term improvement in your brain health.

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