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Upcoming Events

We offer year-round events that help you better understand and assist our first responders. Take a look at some of the upcoming events listed below.

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Developing Culturally Competent Counselors in the World of First Responders.

First responders pose unique challenges in the counseling office. However, working with this population can be extremely rewarding as the counselor helps those who help others. Learn how to relate, communicate, identify issues, and treat effectively when working with first responders. Develop an understanding of the cultural differences, learn how to work through them, and experience a feeling of success as you see your first responder clients grow, change, and heal.

Peer Support Group Training

June/July 2024

Who? Any active emergency responder or person who works with them.


What? It’s a 20-hour interactive training to teach individuals how t0 appropriately identify, support, and refer a potential coworker in need, while also providing the information to build a successful peer support team. This class is approved by both CLEST and the Arkansas Fire Protection Services Board.

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Mentorship Matters


Effective mentorship provides aspects of both psychosocial and career support, and may include role modeling, advising, sponsorship, and helping mentees develop a supportive network of other mentors and peers. Effective mentorship requires self-reflection, setting expectations, building trust, and regular review.

Taking Care of Our Own

If you are interested in hosting a class, please email us at

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