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Marriage Counseling

If your marriage is good and you just want to make it better, or you are suffering from a major issue such as infidelity, Nikki Penn provides an environment and uses a variety of techniques that can help you mend broken relationships, build better communication, strengthen your trust and friendship, find solutions for recurring problems, and enhance your love-life. The amount of marriage counseling advised will depend on the particular issues you are facing. It generally starts with a couple session, if both people are willing to attend. Next, an individual session for each person is generally recommended, and then couple sessions mixed with individual sessions are pretty common.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling can address a multitude of issues, including depression, anxiety, boundaries, adjustment to particular situations, abuse, dependency, etc. If there is an issue that is keeping you from getting the most from life, we would like to help.

Family Counseling

For families who want to connect and understand one another better, counseling may help. Counseling has been beneficial to iron out parenting issues, problems with in-laws, communication between teens and their parents, and a host of other relational problems.

Group Counseling

The Counseling Office of Nikki Penn LPC, LMFT has hosted groups dealing with bereavement, divorce, parenting, step-parenting, marriage, and other relevant topics. The groups are organized as the clients present the need for a particular group and the desire to participate. Groups are generally held weekly and are scheduled to best meet the needs of the group participants.

Technology Assisted Counseling

The Counseling Office of Nikki Penn, LPC, LMFT understands that there are times that life gets in the way of being able to make it into the office for a counseling session. During those times, Nikki Penn offers counseling via phone and/or web cam through encrypted HIPPA compliant technology. If you are interested in the technology assisted counseling, please call the office to see if you are a good candidate for such services.

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